Flowing Through Finite To Connect with our Soul.

IMG_4681Self-Actualization… These very few beings get over death almost as if it didn’t happen.  They have an awareness in them that nothing dies, everything materializes, it just changes form.  How beautiful yet challenging would that be.

After teaching a class in Coral Springs at LA Fitness earlier today, I began to reflect on my purpose and focus on what is real.   A wise person once said “That which is real never changes – everything else is illusion.”  Since my 20’s, I was fighting a battle with abandonment and self-esteem.  It slightly changed in my 30’s and now at 44, I have become more wise, yet still struggling with confidence.  I realized that were all moving into different bodies each decade, as well as our thoughts reflecting different patterns.  Who I am now isn’t the same 13 years ago when I first got into the practice of asana.  Now 13 years later, I practice a yogic lifestyle.  For me, it’s focusing on one Yama and one Niyama, that is not afflicting pain and my diet, a challenge but I love the practice of it.  In addition, Svadhyaya – study, pause and reflect – to savor what’s going on in the now.  And of course, my asana and pranayama practice.

Lao Tzu once said that “The Dao that can be named, isn’t the Dao.”  Our soul never changes, a part of us that is infinite, the opposite of finite, that which begins and ends.   if it didn’t end nor begin, it is always continuing, and when it stops, which reflects form associated with this material world, it moves from the infinite to the finite.   A Dao with a finite mind is impossible.  God’s one and only voice is silence, the place where there’s nothing finite.  We are all infinite beings experiencing a temporary human moment.

It’s a great reminder that to me that money comes and goes but what’s important are the people around you that love and support you, whether big or small, that counts the most and it will put us in the proper frame of mind so that we can embody our flow during our stay in this world of finite, and through silence we can listen to our soul and allow it to tell us what is needed for us to help our world become stable and able.

This is why when I teach, I don’t attach myself to accolades.  While I’m grateful and will help the students in anyway I can to provide them with the tools in order to have more experiences, it’s only temporary and I move on to the next class and offer them an incredible experience, because the practice is an experiment to see what awakens.  And in that moment, I hope that they have had at least a small connection with their soul, so that they can go off expanding and flowing in life.    Of course it feels great to have a group that adores you, lol.  I’m not saying no to that, but the journey must go forward.

No one likes being told what to do – don’t restrict me – don’t get in my way of experiencing the now, that’s the soul speaking, which is constantly having a desire to expand and grow.  Anything that comes in doing the opposite, you will fight back, just like in our yoga practice.   Yoga is a tool to become a manifestor.   Manifesting is about an awareness – that what you attract you are.  That’s why I love to teach with a commanding and loving voice, honor their expansion and their temporary limitations, making them understand that the essence of true strength lies in full extension and flexion of the body.

Authentic strength is a reflection to never cease from exploration.  So be in the now, love your life and love your practice.  And when that day comes that we are done, we return to our origin for the first time… The Dao.