The Art of Teaching

good teacher

“The Art of Teaching is tolerance; Humbleness is the Art of Learning.” BKS Iyengar.

I experienced a teacher yesterday that had no tolerance for demonstrating, but only to excessively perform and teach advanced poses. This was suppose to be a beginners class. If it was an advanced class, then perhaps, it’s a slightly different situation.

After my early morning Sadhana, I always love to find an afternoon class, just to be supportive and interact with community but most importantly…. Learn. A great teacher always learns twice! In my meditations, I always bring light into my heart and manifest opportunities to learn and expand my voice and confidence. Learn from the mistakes of the past and embrace my creativity to expand the future, resulting in the gift of presence.

I was hoping to learn but it wasn’t the case. Someone once told me that ‘even the un-informed teacher has something to teach.’ I waited for that moment and it never came. Doesn’t matter if it’s one action that I have heard many times, it’s joy of breaking it down with love.

Some teachers have vast knowledge, others experience of practicing, others are ‘anatomy geeks.’ Enthusiasm helps, impart ideas to students, but what’s more important is the ability to make difficult points simple. For me, if a teacher can’t empathize and understand what a student is experiencing, then all kinds of trouble are coming.

Unless you go to a real top yoga school, a piece of paper doesn’t make you a teacher. Perhaps what ultimately separates good yoga teachers from bad ones is something there from the beginning, inside the informed ones and not inside the egotistical ones. ‘A philosopher’s stone’ of sorts and not something that can be packaged up and re-sold.

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