My response to a Blog entitled ” Yoga Body” the Conspiracy

So there’s this blog that has been circulating on Facebook about the above topic, so many good and negative comments.  I’m hoping that my response is a bit neutral.  Here we go.

Oh here’s the link:  Yoga Body – The Conspiracy.

I guess I have to start by stating that in the West (at least 85 percent) are asana-addicts, and the other 15 percent practice the eight limb path, a conduit to possibly attaining a moment of cosmic consciousness, a moment of stability which results, for me, in Samadhi.  When we have that feeling for a second, we have experienced yoga, only at that point can we celebrate the liberation, only to come back down to start all over again.  But this time around, we can show others the path.

In South Florida where I reside, they love their hot yoga in a hot climate, go figure. They come in, get their workout and there out of there!  No chanting, pranayama, nor sharing the path to a Yogic Lifestyle; (even one element after class would be cool) the five principles of social conduct – the YAMAS:.  Otherwise, it’s “Mindless Body Stress Reduction.”

My teacher once said that doing asana for the purpose of consciousness is quite different from the modern concept of doing it to create external shape.  True Yoga includes the quest for pure consciousness.

We all have different bodies with its complexities. Some have that skinny ‘vata’ body, others have the Pitta ‘naturally musclar/sculpty’ body and others have the well-rounded porportioned ‘Kapha’ body with a firm ‘booty.’

Briohny Kate-Smyth and Kathryn Budig (sounds like a yoga law firm, lol) no doubt are blessed with that ‘Firey’ body and i’m sure they know it.  Hopefully there are saying a thousand thank yous for their blessed body (and life).  Like all of us, i’m sure they got their shit to deal with, and corporations/capitalists like Yoga Journal, Equinox, Reebok, etc. saw a market in them (“Cha Ching!” and are capitalizing on it.  It’s no secret that women in this culture have use their bodies to ‘move ahead.’  It happens in the corporate world, the porn industry and now the yoga world.  Afterall… ‘Sex Sells and Money talks.’  The sexualization and commericalism of yoga is present.  The Media can be a bitch.

The Vedas state that life has four purposes: Dharma (purpose), Artha (living in the material world), Kama (living for pleasure), and Moksha (living for spiritual purpose).  All four are to be lived for a balanced yogic life.  If Briohny and Kathryn are balancing these four principles, more power to them and if they are not and their ego is getting the best out of them consistently, then karma will be a bitch for them.  You always can tell, at least for me, if a yoga teacher lives out of their personality and not of humility.

Wealth is a universal law, a fraction of abundance.  Only the fear of lack prevents wealth from entering our lives.  The first service we can do for the poor is not to be one of them.  Ancient yogis believed after all that wealth and abundance are necessary for yoga.  Wealth is a function of the acceptance of our personal power.  Wealth brings us freedom.

Most yogi celebrities are hustlers in order sustain their abundance, nothing wrong with that as long as they know there here to teach students, and not poses.   With that power comes responsibility and if they become wreck-less, then I personally wouldn’t want to go back to a teacher who’s dealing with emotional/psychological/mental issues.  I call that ‘teachers with shadows.’  Maybe there having issues loving themselves?

There’s so such thing as a blissful body (or a perfect yoga body).  We are already ‘Imperfectly Perfect.’  Why the fuck do we need more?  Some poses may come or not.  I love the progress and at the end of the day, I just want to be me, that’s perfect (supersedes perfect yoga body).  Some people are naturally flexible or stronger, but it shifts, we get mature, we get tighter, flexibility changes yet we get wiser and more balanced – Harmony reflects acceptance.

We can be perfect when we leave this world. However, if we can reference our own personal archetype (perfect yoga body), with proper diet, lifestyle and pranayama, then we are living yoga, experiencing light, allowing us to re-format our way of live, practicing without harm (ahimsa).

‘Yoga is not about being blissed out!  It’s about becoming more sensitive’ and practicing discernment, among the present chaos.  If Briohny and Kathryn are practicing more than just asana, good for them, they are following a path of humility.

Imperfect Yoga from an imperfect yogi.  (Break it down – IM PERFECT)

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