The Essence of Alignment


Proper alignment, or the attempt to, really points out where our strengths and weaknesses are.  The body, given in a particular form, will always find the easiest way to approximate that shape, avoiding tightness and areas of weakness because it’s focused on self-preservation and comfort, the body is clever that way.

The body will find a way to avoid the tightness and weaknesses.  Alignment is challenging, it sort of forces us to confront those issues of strength and weaknesses that we avoid.  Once were focused on balance, stamina will increase, naturally giving us the ability to sustain, moving towards expansion.

Mirrors should only be used for external feedback and demonstration and not to look at ourselves externally in the classroom.  Once we have feedback, we can move towards a more internal experience.

Finally, Props are Cool!  We all don’t have the body of a pretzel at the moment.  They exist so that we can increase and potentiate our well-being, to see what it feels like to be in the now.  Eventually with practice, once we start to see our potential and our balance, we can transcend from props to our own human strength, vision and flexibility (staying away from the personality and into the ideal).

Eventually, the use of our ‘internal props’ results in our archetype.


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