The Best Vitamin for the Body…. Your Breath!


If you can increase the capacity of your lungs with “Prana”, resulting in effortless breathing, we organically strengthen our health, keep the spine fluid and pliant, and stablize our mental caliber.

Prior to a yoga festival I attended a few weeks back, I was battling the common cold and family stress, feeling unconfident, to the point that I couldn’t teach anymore.  Yet I was reminded by a quote from Yogi Bhajan, the Father of Kundalini Yoga, who said that “It’s not the life that matters, it’s the courage that you bring to it.”

As always, wherever there’s a breakdown, there’s a breakthrough.  I began breath of fire, a very simple exercise to increase my pranic energy, 11 minutes straight.  Even though I wasn’t 100%, I managed to seize the moment and assist my friend and fellow teacher Monica Horung in West Palm Beach, teaching Yoga in Spanish.  It was a nice experience.

The Breath of Fire, the best vitamins we can take to strengthen our caliber.

I’m grateful to my health and my wife, who made me aware to “change the face” and be happy, allowing my heart to expand, like above.

When in doubt, change your face and do breath of fire.

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