The Aquarian Age in Full Throttle


We come into a decade where social skills are suffering, technology is overwhelming, and our mental health care is a “Cinderella service” with insufficient funding.  It’s time to embrace new school ideas and out with old school thinking.  Here are some suggestions I like:

  • Focus on new ideas and showing creativity, don’t play it safe all the time,
  • Showing devotion, instead of floating
  • Dress in lighter colors and/or white clothing and stop dressing in pure black clothing,
  • Practice on getting up before the sunrise instead of going to sleep after midnight,
  • Detox using pranayama (Breath of Fire) instead of feeling toxic before heading to sleep,
  • Try ‘Nutmylks’ – a good alternate to dairy,
  • Cut back or eliminate TV and read more,
  • Jojoba oil for skin and hair,
  • Live in the heart (light) – experience intellect instead of over stimulation of the bottom chakras,
  • Speak your truth instead of gossiping,
  • Respond to people before they share their drama “How Can I Help You?”,
  • Live off your own energy instead of borrowing energy (Coffee, Alcohol, Tobacco & Sugar), and
  • Practice Yoga daily (Especially Kundalini Yoga)

We become what we focus on; spend time on starting a spiritual practice in the morning (Sadhana), so that you can focus on being fit and fierce!  Radiate mental clarity, chill out more and be enthusiastic.  Feel light so that you can reflect positive energy around you, deepening life in the flow.  Don’t think maybe, just be in the now and do it.  (((Hugs)))

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