Dream it. Believe it. Do it. No limits in 2013


My Horoscope told me today, 12/31, that it’s time to do all my creating for myself and stop other astrological signs from doing the creation for me.  And I agree.  It’s time for myself to show more creativity; show the gems that I usually hide and express myself fully without hesitation.  It’s time for me to take charge of the situation.

My intentions for 2013:

1.  To honor the Five Aquarian Sutras.  Like Patanjali’s Sutras, the Aquarian Sutras, from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, are five threads – a complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence, later expanded upon by a spiritual teacher.  The first Sutra is the one that I will be focusing on for most of the year – To “Recognize that the other person is you.”   To fully acknowledge that what I may see in someone that I don’t like, I probably see it in myself and vice versa.  So I will own it – own everything that I see in person, whether good or bad.

2.  Listen to Krishna Das “Om Namah Shivaaya.”   Play it all around my home as much as I can, whether home or away.  The more I chant, the more I can feel sickness, weakness and unhealthy elements of my ego dissolving.  IT”S DEEP!

3.  Become a teacher with intentions to teach students to feel good about themselves and create more movement in their lives.

4.  To detach from people who i continue to hang out with them, not knowing that they keep punishing me subconsciously; and

5.  Change my diet and deepen my Sadhana (spiritual practice) practice by adding more Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

6.  Journal a little bit, continue to learn, read a bit every day, embrace change and share more information.

What are your intentions/resolutions?  Please share with me  :-).   I’ll be teaching, so allow me to adjust you and make you better informed.

So please keep your heart open for 2013 as you approach new people and challenges.  Resist the urge to go into the mind and ego/pelvis to become separate, and remember to look into the eyes of others to see the same light that lives in us all.   Sat Nam!



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