Fall Yoga is all about your Colon and the Spine

It’s funny at times to think how I feel so conflicted; nature’s presence is so felt as I feel sadness and things just not going my way.  Yet to think that while it feels like summer, my body tells me it’s time to “hunker down” – reflect on the harvest.  We are in the emotional fall season.

While the summer heat hasn’t faded into memory, we already entered into the pre-dusk long nights of Autumn.  The days are shorter as we slide into an emotionally cooler season.  Transitions are challenging for our health and the mindfulness of warm summer heat into autumn cool down is an important one, yes even though were in Florida, the cool down must occur in the emotional and mental layer while keeping our summer wear on, lol.

My teachings reflect a lot based on the Chinese Five Element System, a system encompassing an integral vision of the universe, an understanding that there are laws that regulate all phenomena, and that the laws of Nature are also the laws of humanity, and since Nature and humanity must coexist, harmony is the key to life.

The Five Elements include Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and they represent the five phases of the creative cycle: Beginning > Growth/Expansion > Collection/Introspection > Reversion. The fifth phase is the harmonizing phase that activates the whole cycle and repeats it.

So we focus on Metal – removing excess heat from Summer and time to slow down, chill, spending more time indoors, and harvesting all our resources to nourish the body, mind, and emotions.

Lungs and Large Intestines are the focus during fall – so deep breathing and keeping the chest warm and dry because excessive cold and dampness aggravates the lungs, so if your experiencing colds, sinus congestions, and ‘congested’ emotions and communication, check out your diet and bring more air into your lungs.   Our Large Intestines is also affected during this time – it’s responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients, and for the elimination of waste.  It is actually one of the most over-stressed organs in the body. So choose unprocessed whole foods that are high in fiber to keep that colon healthy and keep our spine young through breathing.

Embrace Autumn -Let your ‘Yang’  shift and slow into rest.  And like a stubborn child, Yang doesn’t always want to rest. But it must.  Allow plans to ferment and thoughts to mature.

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