Embrace the change; Patience in your Practice and Measure up accordingly to your environment

One of my teachers and good friend from NYC, David Regelin shared his thoughts about importance of being aware where you are in your practice and honoring that phase in your physical life.

“The bliss and euphoria experienced after a single yoga session doesn’t grow exponentially from one practice to the next . An ongoing yoga discipline will have intervals and phases, highs and lows, purposeful work and achievement, followed by random efforts and plateaus.

Once we pass a certain age, usually somewhere in our late 20’s or 30’s, it becomes somewhat apparent that the well of vital energy, which once seemed abundant, can actually run dry. Perhaps then we become more aware of what exactly our yoga practice cultivates, how much energy we expend, and whether or not it is sustainable. We as individuals are indivisible from our environment, and that is why we must be responsive to our own personal environmental issues. The same practice that empowered us during one phase of our life might actually weaken us in another, the philosophy that enlightened us can eventually become burdensome, that which balanced us might one day send us over the edge.”

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