The Essence of Health

I was inspired by my a Facebook Brother of mine after finishing my sadhana. (home practice) One of the top fitness educators in the NYC Jungle, he shared his thoughts of the fitness world we know.

Health is an abstract ideal, which has no real concrete absolute definition, it can simply mean that health enhances your quality of life OR it can mean anything that subtracts you from your well-being.   The reality is – It is not simple! Here is something to consider:

  • Being poor is unhealthy according to some, no money means no sex with sexually attractive mates, no health care/disease preventive medicine, no shelter, no food and no gadgets to play with (iPhone, etc.) – As Frankenstein said “Life Good; Death Bad.”
  • Perhaps poverty is a product of culture and not biology?  Some think poverty is a great virtue that brings us closer to the God?
The pundits of the health movement usually point to some vague biological or even psychological ideal of health but they fail miserably to include the cultural factors of what “health” means to us… the 99%.

What does it mean to be healthy? Seriously, WTF does healthy mean?  Does health have a form or goal we can reach?  It is pretty subjective and personal in my opinion.

How do we measure “health” scientifically?

  • Youthful, acne free, wrinkle free skin?
  • Disease free body?
  • Pain free mobility?
  • Being skinny or Fat?
  • Being able to have and enjoy sex or not?

How does “exercise” improve your health – the total sum of your biology and culture.

“Your definition of health must be addressed personally if you want to feel good and survive comfortably in the long run.  Health is about our maturity and where we are at currently biologically and culturally.  Moreover, exercising doesn’t make you “healthy” as much as wearing a condom doesn’t necessarily make you a stud.  ‘Life Good; Death Bad!'”

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